Las Palmas Inc.,  Originated from a dream, In 1980 Saul Alfaro migrated from his place of birth El Salvador, to Los Angeles with the American dream.

At the age of 20 Saul started working as a dish washer at a small Restaurant called Las Palmas in California the only place to offer him a job, a year later he was promoted to head chef. Saul's dream was to one day be able to run his own successful business and give his family a better life.

Years later he made a decision that would change his life forever, he moved to North Carolina where all his hard work would pay off. In 1995 he open his first restaurant naming it after the first job he got in the United States, Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant.

Las Palmas was the American dream Saul carried in his heart, 18 years later he is now the president of 3 successful Las Palmas Mexican restaurants.

Las Palmas is made up of delicious authentic Mexican food with a touch of home cooked recipes. Saul is grateful to have customers who support him and have helped him meet his dream. On behalf of Las Palmas Inc and Saul and his family they would like to thank all there customers for there support and hope to keep serving the community with more years to come!